Monday, January 31, 2011

The State of Wal-Mart Shelves

Specifically, the ammunition shelves. The last few times I have visited my local Wally World, the ammunition shelves have had stock on them. This is unusual, in that it has been difficult, nigh-impossible, to purchase ammunition in any kind of quantity since 11/2008.

This has changed. Ever since 11/2010, the supplies have been slowly increasing. I do not know if this correlation indicates causation with regard to the elections, but, it is a data point nonetheless.

Today, I purchased enough WWB .45ACP to supply the next two or three practice sessions, as well as 3 boxes of Federal .22LR for use or trade. Most surprisingly, there were at least 3 different types of .380 on the shelves, and that hasn't happened in a few years. I wonder if Breda has enough? :)

Keep up on your preparations. The short-term ride is looking bumpy...


Computer Bleg

I am seriously considering purchasing a Apple Macbook (Probably Pro 15") but am concerned about PDF support. Specifically, there will be times when I need to do large print jobs of mixed legal and letter-sized paper to a multi-tray printer. My concern is this: I have read reports online where the PDF support is less-than-satisfactory for Apple compared to PC, and that the ability to have a print job auto-select the correct paper tray from Mac is an issue.

My belief is that this is really a case of improper driver selection. I hope that this is the case. as the business usage is an important aspect to me.

Hey you Apple fanboys: care to weigh in on your real-world experience?


Friday, January 28, 2011

Civil unrest in the Middle East

I have seen a lot of the 'what' about Tunisia and Egypt and elsewhere, but never the 'why'. Except for Denninger, nobody is reporting the things that these places have in common. Namely, they are ostensibly supported by the United States, have their currencies pegged to the Dollar, have Radical Islamists waiting in the wings to take over, and their peoples are starving.

These people are not rioting in order to get their Twitter and Facebook turned back on. They are rioting because the BILLIONS that we send over there in aid goes to line the pockets of the dictators in power, little people be-damned.

With our own manufacturing base devastated, it appears that the number one export from America nowadays is inflation.

Got preps?



Subversion is defined by those in power as opposition to their policies and power.

When those who are in power enact policies anathema to our governing Constitution and founding Declaration, then the 'subversive' is the Patriot who still believes in individual Liberty.

As I do.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The State of the Union(s)

Is that they are exempt from most laws, and are growing in strength due to paid-for access to the branches of .GOV. Also, they are a threat to your Liberty.

Was there something else you were looking for commentary on?


The One Thing They Have In Common

There is a STORY on about a recent rash of shootings where the targets were officers. 11 officers have been shot in the last 24 hours.
"It's not a fluke," Richard Roberts, a spokesman for the International Union of Police Associations, told "There's a perception among officers in the field that there’s a war on cops going on."

...While all the shootings don’t appear to be connected, Roberts says they have one thing in common.

"We don't have any data, but there seems to be a type of criminal out there looking to thwart authority,"
No kidding? I've got news for you, Mr. Union Rep, the things that these criminals all have in common are: Long histories of criminal violence, Not in jail due to lenient parole boards and a revolving-door "justice" system, and Felony Possession of a gun which was illegally acquired (and which they are constitutionally protected from having to disclose, if asked).ETA: And, since they are criminals, by definition they are trying to thwart authority, you dimwit.

Mr. Roberts, your union is affiliated with the AFL-CIO, whose stance on firearms is "disarmament of the citizenry". As the last 24 hours have shown, you are outnumbered by the criminals, and they have nothing to lose. Wouldn't it make sense for your member police chiefs to, instead, drop their authoritarian stance and embrace having the citizens available to defend your officers? I ask, because there is a perception among the citizenry that your officers have been waging war on us for decades now, civil rights be-damned.

Every response by law enforcement to criminal misuse, by long-established criminals, is to clamp down on the non-criminals in an effort to do something. It is way past time for this to change. Because, while the criminals have you outnumbered, we--the law-abiding-- have THEM outnumbered. And, you could use us as allies instead of treating us as adversaries.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Civilized discourse?

Screw that. We are past the point of civility. It is time for some righteous outrage. Fran said it. I support it.


For the new reader

Just a quick note to advise you that my latest series of posts is not the usual tone around here. I am just getting a mite tired of my rights coming under assault because of the criminal actions of a few, while the media studiously ignores the real tragedies in our culture. Especially since some of those tragedies are of their own making.

The Liberal Progressive establishment owns the media, the cultural institutions, and the education establishment. There has been a concerted effort over these last 100+ years to destroy our national memory, history, and ethos, so that it can be replaced by the soft tyranny of Social Progressivism. You may or may not like Glenn Beck, but on this issue he is spot on. It is time to take our culture back from those who would destroy it for their own gain.

Lighter blogging fare will return when I am calmer...



Monday, January 24, 2011

Ban Medical Licenses!

In response to the shrill calls from the left advocating for infringement of my constitutionally enumerated right to Keep and Bear Arms, I propose instead that we ban medical licenses. If that seems far-fetched, how about we ban abortion as a "right" (a right NOT enumerated in the Constitution) instead?

It is time to face facts. Using 2008 statistics (the data for which is easily cross-referenced), the FACTS show that there were 16,272 murders and non-negligent manslaughter deaths in the USA, NATIONALLY. In Pennsylvania, this number was 701. And, in Philadelphia, the total was 331. Source: FBI Crime Stats (National, State, PA City)

Using 2008 statistics, this time for the state of Pennsylvania only, there were a total of 38,807 abortions performed in that state. Of these, 18,633 were performed in Philadelphia alone (15,377 women were residents of Philly, the rest commuted to kill their child). Source: Pennsylvania Department of Health 2008 Vital Statistics on Induced Abortions (PDF File)

In 2008, Doctors legally killed more children in the City of Philadelphia alone, than the total number of homicides committed nationally.

I wonder how many of those were killed by Dr. Kermit Gosnell? I wonder how many of them were killed AFTER being born? I wonder how many of them were only considered a homicide due to inconvenient timing? Because, as we all know, it isn't REALLY a life until some Liberal says it is...

Of course, if a Democrat Congressperson and her constituents were the victims, then there is justification for all manner of infringements and power grabs by the Elites and the Statists. Just ask them.


What's Need Got To Do With It?

Senator Lautenberg (T*-NJ) and Representative McCarthy (T*-NY), are teaming up with anti-civil-rights activists to impose more restrictions on our 2A rights. The common theme is "You don't need a 30-round clip (sic) to go hunting".

Well, Rep. McCarthy, nobody NEEDS a geriatric, vapid, shrill, opportunistic, and intellectually lazy person representing them in Congress, either. But, your district keeps sending you back anyway, as is their RIGHT to do (even if I disagree with their choice). "Need" has nothing to do with it. If you were capable of rubbing two brain cells together to form a complete thought (or had actually read the document that you took an oath to uphold), you would know this.

For argument's sake, let's instead suggest that a group of 30 people "of color" gathered together, exercised in inflammatory rhetoric that resulted in property getting damaged and people getting hurt, and they used personal property to advance their crimes. Would you then suggest that we should infringe on the 13th Amendment regarding "people of color"? Or infringe upon the 1st Amendment Freedom to Associate and Freedom of Speech? Would you recommend that we further infringe on the 4th Amendment and take their "criminal property" without Due Process? Would you?

Once upon a time in America, bigots banded together to suppress "niggers". The KKK did heinous things to people because they were different. Today, gun owners are the new "nigger"**. And, like before, the Democratic Party is the primary political cover that allows The New KKK Gun Control Advocates a platform for spewing their hateful ideas. Being Anti-Freedom, it is what makes the Democratic Party tick.


**H/T Joe Huffman

Thursday, January 20, 2011


The State of Massachusetts is "May Issue" for gun permits. Not "carry" permits. Gun permits. They have discretion on whom may be granted the privilege to exercise their rights, and that privilege is arbitrarily enforced. If you are favored, connected, or squeaky-clean, you *MIGHT* be granted dispensation to own and carry a weapon. If not, too bad.

If you happen to be outspoken, or say something deemed intolerant (or happen to be a minority, or gay, or someone from the wrong political party), your privilege to exercise your rights can be revoked without cause. Like they did to TJIC. The revocation of the license means that the firearms must be disposed of, or the serf citizen is subject to arrest for violating the gun laws. No charges have to be filed, they just come and tell you that you are no longer worthy and you have "X hours" to dispose of the guns, or else.

TJIC's crime was to say out loud what most of us state privately. Namely, that the idiots in Congress are enemies of the people and the best of them are oxygen thieves. Tarring and Feathering was once the preferred method of dealing with traitorous politicians, at least those who didn't hang from a tree as a warning to the others. Nowadays, we have polls and focus groups and town hall meetings and nothing changes. Macabre humor, saying "one down, 534 to go" used to be a relief valve, and an opportunistic way to telegraph the message without any threats of violence.

Stating the obvious, that The People are fed up (excuse the pun) with business as usual in DC, and that the way things are going may just spark civil war, used to be valid discourse, even if it is incendiary. The purpose of the First Amendment is NOT so that people can advocate for Skittles and rainbow unicorns, it is so that the most heinous things can be said without fear of reprisal, in order to PREVENT more serious actions.

Redress of Grievances is Constitutionally protected. Losing your Second Amendment rights for exercising your First Amendment rights is across the line. It is a shame that there are no more Patriots left in the cradle of freedom to protest like it was 1775. What was once a creche is now a crypt.

Freedom in Massachusetts, Requiescat In Pace


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

NRA Convention Lodging

If you go to the NRA Annual Meeting page, there are plenty of hotels to choose from. However, one of my favorite chains (Embassy Suites) has a price listed that is higher than their best rate. I am willing to purchase a non-refundable room reservation in order to save $75 (+tax).

Anyway, the room is booked. The hotel is very nice. The wife is probably going to go, too, so I might even have someone to talk to after the convention activities. :)

Will I see you there???



Thursday, January 13, 2011

NRA Convention

I plan on going, and it is time to begin the planning process. Has anybody made plans yet? If so, what hotels look promising? (I am not spending $325/night...sorry Westin).

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Subject Change

I think we have pretty much covered the Tucson incident, to the point where there is not much more to be said. I am getting tired of everybody showing their ass to the world regarding the Tucson shooting. Unless provoked, I am done with the topic.

I am also tired of the 'Ruling Class' trying to make themselves more special. I am tired of the sycophants on the left and the right pointing fingers. It is obvious to me that holding up mirrors doesn't work as nobody sees themselves, only the other guy.

Mike Vanderboegh has a lot right when he says that we are 'two countries sharing a common border'. We are in a classic conflict of vision wherein those who wish to rule, and redistribute, and socialize the wealth (or the pain or whatever) are striving to subjugate the rest. The lines are drawn. The choices are made. It is now only a matter of time before some flash-point occurs that sets the whole thing off.

I am done with it. Leave me the hell alone and stay off my lawn. Get out of my wallet and my bedroom. Quit trying to destroy my way of life. Choose now whom you will serve.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Album Meme...

In answer to a couple of friends' requests to play:

Band: Cardinology (

Album Title: "The endurance of the human bladder"

Album cover art:



Chicago Mayoral race update

CBS News is reporting that thousands of dead fish have been discovered along the Chicago lakefront. I guess Rahm Emanuel has finally moved back home.



Quote of the Day

From KurtP @ "A Trainwreck in Maxwell"
Has anyone realized that if this Arizona wack-job had yelled "Allah Akbar" before he started shooting- that the MSM would still be trying to find a reason he did it?

They still haven't found a motive yet for Major Nidal...

Why the left projects

I have found the answer to why the left projects so much hate onto others, and yet cannot see their own.

It is because they are vampires.

Really. If you hold a mirror up to them to show their hate and violence, they don't see themselves. They only see the person holding the mirror.

Hey, Larry! How do you get rid of vampires again?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Shocker of the day

Carolyn McCarthy ("that shoulder thing that goes up"), Traitor-NY wants to introduce a bill that infringes on the second amendment as a result of the criminal actions of an insane loon. This is my shocked face...

Rep McCarthy, you rode to office on the blood of your family, and you exploit the blood of others to advance your agenda. You are a traitor and a fool. If you hate tools so much, try doing this the right way and introduce an actual amendment repealing the Second Amendment. Hitch up your depends and show some real leadership instead of letting Sugarman and Helmke pull your strings.

Until the Second Amendment is repealed, every bill you introduce to curtail our rights violates your oath of office (you know, the oath you re-affirmed LAST WEEK). As long as you, and people like you, continue to attempt to pass unconstitutional legislation, I will consider you traitors to the Constitution. If Eric Holder had any balls, he would arrest you for treason, which is one of the VERY FEW actual crimes in the Constitution, and for which the punishment is pretty clear.

Do it the right way, through an amendment, or shut the hell up.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Blood-dancing ghouls

I am so angry at the blood-dancing that the spineless, simpering ghouls of the left are doing right now that I could spit.

A whack-a-doodle nut-job, who reads communist and fascist tracts, offs a popular congresswoman and somehow it is MY FAULT because I am conservative? Somehow it is the fault of people who believe in limited government? Somehow we need to blame Palin and the Tea Party?

Are they serious? Take a look at Andrew Breitbart's Twitter feed. Every Lefty fringe kook is blaming him, and piling on the ad-hominem attacks. Breitbart didn't pull that trigger. And, the guy who did had antipathy for him and for everybody who questioned the big government and the corruption in Washington. This guy was upset that Rep Giffords voted against Pelosi for speaker. He was against her stance on the border. For her other positions, she was just "okay".

So we gun-owners and conservatives have to brace, yet again, for the breathless calls from idiots like Paul Helmke and Joan Peterson to screech about disarming the populace, and the MSNBC and Media Matters-types bleating about limiting OUR speech.

Get real.

Hey you morons on the left, knock it off before people get pissed for real and actually react to your attempts to incite violence. You are playing with fire and are standing in a pool of gasoline. Stop it. Because, if you continue to push the fully one-third of the country who just wants to be left alone, you will get more than you bargained for. God help us all if that happens.


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Arizona Shooting

My prayers go out to the many victims in Tucson, and to their families.

Let's hope that the response to this tragedy is reasoned and measured in proportion to the actual crime, and not used as an excuse to impose additional curtailments on our civil rights.

Arizona Congresswoman Giffords was a Second Amendment proponent and a popular representative of her district. At this point, nobody is sure why she was targeted, and the 'right-here, right-now' nature of our 24-hour news cycle has put erroneous reporting out there more than once in the last few hours. Being first with inaccurate news is only harming the situation. Shame on you cable news guys, including Fox, for your shoddy reporting while trying to be first to put something out.

More as this unfolds, while waiting for the blood dancing to commence from the "anti's"...



Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Overheard in the kitchen

Newbius (Watching C-Span): "Pelosi is screeching about all of her "accomplishments" right now..."
Mrs.Newbius: "Yeah, she is listing all of the reasons why they got voted out..."

I really love my wife.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Current reading list

Just finished Monster Hunter International (for the 4th or 5th time). I just cracked open Monster Hunter Vendetta, the sequel, (for the 2nd or 3rd time) and should complete it in a day or so. Also being read: Ed Rasimus' "Fighter Pilot", Glenn Beck's "Broke" and Tom Clancy's "Dead or Alive". I should have finished Fighter Pilot by now (it is an amazing read!), but have gotten side-tracked (sorry Ed). I will finish "Dead or Alive" sometime next week, and will complete "Broke" and "Fighter Pilot" by the end of the month.

I received Thomas Sowell's "A Conflict of Visions" for Christmas, and will begin that one as soon as the deck is cleared of current readings. This is deep stuff, so it might take a while to get through. Also on deck is Kathy Jackson's "The Cornered Cat", which arrived in the mail a few days before Christmas.

Still in the stacks and waiting to be read: Fry the Brain by John West, Jack Hinson's One-Man War by Tom McKenney. This should get me through the end of the quarter.

Readers are leaders, so keep up your reading!