Monday, January 10, 2011

Shocker of the day

Carolyn McCarthy ("that shoulder thing that goes up"), Traitor-NY wants to introduce a bill that infringes on the second amendment as a result of the criminal actions of an insane loon. This is my shocked face...

Rep McCarthy, you rode to office on the blood of your family, and you exploit the blood of others to advance your agenda. You are a traitor and a fool. If you hate tools so much, try doing this the right way and introduce an actual amendment repealing the Second Amendment. Hitch up your depends and show some real leadership instead of letting Sugarman and Helmke pull your strings.

Until the Second Amendment is repealed, every bill you introduce to curtail our rights violates your oath of office (you know, the oath you re-affirmed LAST WEEK). As long as you, and people like you, continue to attempt to pass unconstitutional legislation, I will consider you traitors to the Constitution. If Eric Holder had any balls, he would arrest you for treason, which is one of the VERY FEW actual crimes in the Constitution, and for which the punishment is pretty clear.

Do it the right way, through an amendment, or shut the hell up.



Anonymous said...

Unamending the 2nd would be as effective as a restraining order.

Words on a page.

Bill Of Rights _or_ Wrongs -- Molon Labe.

Newbius said...

At least the legislation would then be legitimate...we already know that any law that the traitors can draft will be ineffective. Their goal is not efficacy, it is about feeling good about themselves.

Old NFO said...

Good points Newbius!

Mike W. said...

At least the legislation would then be legitimate...

Define "legitimate?"

Repealing the 2nd Amendment doesn’t make it go away anymore than repealing the rest of the Bill of Rights would allow the government to kick in my door and rob, beat, imprison and torture me with impunity. The 2nd Amendment is inherent and inalienable just like the rest of the Bill of Rights. Words on ink & parchment don't "grant" me the right to keep & bear arms, they merely codify a pre-existing right. My rights, all of them, exist independent of the Constitution.

They can repeal the whole damn BOR. Those rights aren't theirs to strip from me. They're mine, always have been, always will be.

As for treasonous bums like McCarthy, they'd never have the balls to put their asses on the line by attempting a repeal.

Newbius said...


I am not talking about the basic human right. I am talking about the legislative process. Proposed laws which are in direct and obvious contravention of an existing right listed in the BOR are not legitimate. If they wish to attempt to outlaw guns through fiat, the logical starting point is an attempt to repeal 2A. Short of that, the proposals are illegitimate as a matter of law, which is all I am referring to.

None of these spineless weasels is capable of enacting a ban. They do not have enough troops, nor do they possess the stomach for the civil war which it would precipitate...