Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Hollywood View - My Response

Jeffrey Marsh thinks the Tea Party sympathizers should be rounded up and re-educated.  He believes...well, go read for yourself.  Come back when you are finished there.

Are you back?  Good.  Here is my reply:

So, let me get this straight.  The People (the only legitimate source of political power here in the USA) decided that they didn't want an ever-expanding welfare state presided over by The Enlightened like yourself.  So, in response, they said "Stop spending".  Your response to these people is to propose rounding them up, Soviet-style, and "re-educating them in camps" because they are an impediment to "logical, intelligent governing".

I will give you credit for this much, at least you are honest in your desire to impose tyranny over us poor, unenlightened, unwashed masses.  The only fly in your ointment is the fact that you will have to disarm us first in order to impose your scheme. 

I hope that you have thought that one through to its logical conclusion.  Because, this time we are going to use Bill Clinton's rules of engagement.  Under those rules, the Intelligentsia, the bureaucracy, and the media are all fair game. 

Are you ready for that, mister media critic?  Are you prepared to take on the people who believe that voting will no longer save us from the inevitable conclusion to this conflict of visions?  Are you ready to get your hands dirty?  (I assume not, since the usual expectation is that the military will do your dirty work for you). 

In your deluded fantasy, you pretend that "the debt" is the Republican's fault, and your Teleprompter Reader is just trying to restore order.  I propose instead that expansive government, in opposition to foundational Constitutional principles, is the culprit (and BTW, Congress controls the purse strings-mostly Democratically controlled congresses-but who is counting?). Runaway Government is the problem, not the solution, no matter who occupies 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. 

Let me know when you plan to begin your round up of the Tea party sympathizers.  I want to be ready with the popcorn. 

I already have my rifle.


H/T RobbAllen and Tam


Old NFO said...

Heh... you've got that one right... Buttered or not buttered???

Anonymous said...

I'm anxiously awaiting their arrival to 'pick me up'!

I'd suggest they all adorn themselves with Class IV Body Armor before they arrive - they're gonna need all they can carry.