Monday, August 8, 2011

Customer Service Matters

Late last year, I purchased* a Savage Mark II F (.22LR) for plinking and general fun. I also intended to use it at an Appleseed shoot, and so I wanted something reliable and accurate. I had looked at the Ruger 10/22 and had dismissed it, although there are plenty of people who like the gun. The CZ was a bit out of my price range...

Anyway, after breaking in the gun at the range over the winter, I cleaned it and put it away, satisfied with the accuracy and the feel. Although I had experienced some feeding issues during break-in, I had attributed them to teething problems with a new gun.

Fast-forward to this Spring. I took the kids out to the range and the Savage would.not.feed.reliably. At all. With any of the mags. Accurate? Absolutely! Reliable? No chance.

While at the NRA Convention, I spoke to the nice people at the Savage booth and explained the problems. They said "send it in, with all of the mags and a brief letter. We'll take care of it." Which I did. The gun went out last Monday, arriving at the company on Thursday morning (per FedEx).

I called them this morning to see if they had looked at it and determined the cause of the problem. They had. It was already fixed and on its way to the shipping department. Wow!

The technician detailed the repair: Replaced the magazine well and retention clip, replaced all 5 magazines with new, and reamed the chamber. Tested for alignment and function.

I can't wait for the gun to come home so that I can test it. If the efficiency of the repair shop is any indication of their effectiveness, then I have high hopes. I will update this report as soon as I get a chance to test the rife. So far, I am pleased with the customer support.

Customer Service matters. Good customer service can be the difference between surviving and failing as a company. Given my experience to-date, I will definitely consider another Savage when looking at rifles.



*FTC Note:  I purchased this product with my own hard-earned scratch.  No inducement was offered to me to post this review of the company's service efficiency, so suck it.  Why don't you bureaucratic numbskulls go after Monsanto or Archer Daniels Midland or something?

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DaddyBear said...

Sounds good to me. Savage is quickly becoming my first choice for rifles.