Monday, June 20, 2011

Staring too deeply into the abyss

I read that description today about Kevin Baker's Hiatus at Smallest Minority. I think it is an apt description. Not just for Kevin, but for me as well. Sometimes, the problem isn't one of lacking understanding. Sometimes, the problem is understanding all too well.

I, too, have been staring too deeply into the abyss. Usually, this results in a sort of "paralysis by analysis" that requires some additional time to digest before posting opinions. Once in a while, it results in flashes of righteous anger that cause words to flow by the hundreds.

Today, it only generated sadness. You see, I truly understand. In understanding, I see how they can succeed.

I see the results of decades of mal-education. The results of decades of political correctness. The results of decades of agitprop masquerading as thought. I see all of this and grieve for those remaining who also understand. And I pray that it is not too late to save this once-great nation from a generation-so lost-that they have anointed elected an anonymous Marxist as leader of the last "free" nation on Earth.

Elections will not save us, not this time. The Republicans are only a different flavor of Statist..."Socialism Lite". Either flavor ultimately winds up in a Police State. Take a look around you. Do you truly believe you have Liberty?

How much of what Free People should be able to do now requires permission from some organ of the State to perform? When you see a policeman or deputy sheriff, do you greet them warmly, or do you get a twinge in hopes that you weren't breaking some unknown law? How much of your life is spent paying the Federal, State, or Local income tax? How about Sales, Excise, Gasoline, Communications, heating fuel, electrical generation, transport, or property taxes? How many activities, on your own land, require a permit before performing?

Think about it.

Our revolution was precipitated by the belief that government took too much, served too little (except themselves), consumed the substance of the people, and failed to represent the common man in their daily existence. The social contract had been broken. However, it was not until the King attempted to disarm the citizens that open warfare broke out.

Now think about where we are today. Your national government is lying to you daily. They are stealing from you daily. The are taking your substance, and redirecting it to favored constituents, unions, and political cronies. They are destroying your way of life. They are also subverting the Constitution in every way imaginable. The worst of it though is that they are attempting to undermine your right to self-governance and self-protection by trying to subvert your right to arms. It is clear that 'Operation Fast and Furious' is an attempt to stage the conditions necessary to revoke your right to arms. Please do not take my word for it. Look at history. Look at the arc that every nation goes through. Look at every republic as they moved through democracy and into oligarchy and despotism. Now look at where we are today. React accordingly.

Most of what I have to say has been said by now. I will continue to work within the system until it fails. Then I will work to restore the system as it should have been. Until then, I'll be in the basement. I need to clean out the corners anyway.


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