Monday, January 24, 2011

What's Need Got To Do With It?

Senator Lautenberg (T*-NJ) and Representative McCarthy (T*-NY), are teaming up with anti-civil-rights activists to impose more restrictions on our 2A rights. The common theme is "You don't need a 30-round clip (sic) to go hunting".

Well, Rep. McCarthy, nobody NEEDS a geriatric, vapid, shrill, opportunistic, and intellectually lazy person representing them in Congress, either. But, your district keeps sending you back anyway, as is their RIGHT to do (even if I disagree with their choice). "Need" has nothing to do with it. If you were capable of rubbing two brain cells together to form a complete thought (or had actually read the document that you took an oath to uphold), you would know this.

For argument's sake, let's instead suggest that a group of 30 people "of color" gathered together, exercised in inflammatory rhetoric that resulted in property getting damaged and people getting hurt, and they used personal property to advance their crimes. Would you then suggest that we should infringe on the 13th Amendment regarding "people of color"? Or infringe upon the 1st Amendment Freedom to Associate and Freedom of Speech? Would you recommend that we further infringe on the 4th Amendment and take their "criminal property" without Due Process? Would you?

Once upon a time in America, bigots banded together to suppress "niggers". The KKK did heinous things to people because they were different. Today, gun owners are the new "nigger"**. And, like before, the Democratic Party is the primary political cover that allows The New KKK Gun Control Advocates a platform for spewing their hateful ideas. Being Anti-Freedom, it is what makes the Democratic Party tick.


**H/T Joe Huffman

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TOTWTYTR said...

Ironically, gun control is the south was enacted to prevent blacks from getting their hands on firearms so that the KKK could continue to terrorize them without fear of reprisal.

If you haven't, please watch "No Guns for Negroes" produced by Jews for the Preservation of Gun Ownership.