Thursday, January 20, 2011


The State of Massachusetts is "May Issue" for gun permits. Not "carry" permits. Gun permits. They have discretion on whom may be granted the privilege to exercise their rights, and that privilege is arbitrarily enforced. If you are favored, connected, or squeaky-clean, you *MIGHT* be granted dispensation to own and carry a weapon. If not, too bad.

If you happen to be outspoken, or say something deemed intolerant (or happen to be a minority, or gay, or someone from the wrong political party), your privilege to exercise your rights can be revoked without cause. Like they did to TJIC. The revocation of the license means that the firearms must be disposed of, or the serf citizen is subject to arrest for violating the gun laws. No charges have to be filed, they just come and tell you that you are no longer worthy and you have "X hours" to dispose of the guns, or else.

TJIC's crime was to say out loud what most of us state privately. Namely, that the idiots in Congress are enemies of the people and the best of them are oxygen thieves. Tarring and Feathering was once the preferred method of dealing with traitorous politicians, at least those who didn't hang from a tree as a warning to the others. Nowadays, we have polls and focus groups and town hall meetings and nothing changes. Macabre humor, saying "one down, 534 to go" used to be a relief valve, and an opportunistic way to telegraph the message without any threats of violence.

Stating the obvious, that The People are fed up (excuse the pun) with business as usual in DC, and that the way things are going may just spark civil war, used to be valid discourse, even if it is incendiary. The purpose of the First Amendment is NOT so that people can advocate for Skittles and rainbow unicorns, it is so that the most heinous things can be said without fear of reprisal, in order to PREVENT more serious actions.

Redress of Grievances is Constitutionally protected. Losing your Second Amendment rights for exercising your First Amendment rights is across the line. It is a shame that there are no more Patriots left in the cradle of freedom to protest like it was 1775. What was once a creche is now a crypt.

Freedom in Massachusetts, Requiescat In Pace



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