Monday, January 24, 2011

Ban Medical Licenses!

In response to the shrill calls from the left advocating for infringement of my constitutionally enumerated right to Keep and Bear Arms, I propose instead that we ban medical licenses. If that seems far-fetched, how about we ban abortion as a "right" (a right NOT enumerated in the Constitution) instead?

It is time to face facts. Using 2008 statistics (the data for which is easily cross-referenced), the FACTS show that there were 16,272 murders and non-negligent manslaughter deaths in the USA, NATIONALLY. In Pennsylvania, this number was 701. And, in Philadelphia, the total was 331. Source: FBI Crime Stats (National, State, PA City)

Using 2008 statistics, this time for the state of Pennsylvania only, there were a total of 38,807 abortions performed in that state. Of these, 18,633 were performed in Philadelphia alone (15,377 women were residents of Philly, the rest commuted to kill their child). Source: Pennsylvania Department of Health 2008 Vital Statistics on Induced Abortions (PDF File)

In 2008, Doctors legally killed more children in the City of Philadelphia alone, than the total number of homicides committed nationally.

I wonder how many of those were killed by Dr. Kermit Gosnell? I wonder how many of them were killed AFTER being born? I wonder how many of them were only considered a homicide due to inconvenient timing? Because, as we all know, it isn't REALLY a life until some Liberal says it is...

Of course, if a Democrat Congressperson and her constituents were the victims, then there is justification for all manner of infringements and power grabs by the Elites and the Statists. Just ask them.


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Newbius said...

Yes, I know that banning medical licenses will not solve the problem of criminal doctors. Funny thing, banning tools has never stopped criminals. Guns are no different. At least, when a murder is commited by a criminal we prosecute the criminal. When a murder is committed against an unborn (or recently born) child, we call this a "service to the poor". And that, my friends, is a seriously warped message.