Tuesday, January 25, 2011

For the new reader

Just a quick note to advise you that my latest series of posts is not the usual tone around here. I am just getting a mite tired of my rights coming under assault because of the criminal actions of a few, while the media studiously ignores the real tragedies in our culture. Especially since some of those tragedies are of their own making.

The Liberal Progressive establishment owns the media, the cultural institutions, and the education establishment. There has been a concerted effort over these last 100+ years to destroy our national memory, history, and ethos, so that it can be replaced by the soft tyranny of Social Progressivism. You may or may not like Glenn Beck, but on this issue he is spot on. It is time to take our culture back from those who would destroy it for their own gain.

Lighter blogging fare will return when I am calmer...



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