Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mystery missile

The people who know are not saying anything.  The people who are saying things, don't know. 

IF this is a missile, then there are very few possibilities.  Either: We screwed up and sent something up we should not have.  Or, We sent a message to someone.  Or, Someone sent a message to us.

If this was a mistake, then usually the news gets it out in pretty short order.  The fact that there is a dearth of reporting lends credence to the theory that this was intentional.

If this was intentional, then the symbolism is pretty stark.  The real question is this: Whose message is being sent, and to whom?  Only time will tell.




Tam said...

I was initially going for the SLBM theory, too, but webcam footage taken the next day at the same time makes a pretty strong argument for it being US Airways 808, HNL-PHX.

Don't worry, though; there are still plenty of nuclear missiles pointed at you. :)

Newbius said...

Now, Tam, don't go giving me any plausible explanations.

Conspiracy theories are much more fun! Especially when the theory is that a container-launched weapons system intending to EMP us is much more juicy. And, that our vaunted Navy can't detect Song-class diesel-electric subs. Or, that the Chinese are really pissed at our economic policies and the planned destruction of the Dollar by George Soros, so that he can implement One-World Governance. Those are much more fun to play with.


Geodkyt said...

hate to chime in late, but a good diesel electric (or any non-nuke operating on batteries) is really hard to detect, because its got a quieter power plant than a nuclear tea kettle.

Of course, the Chinese sonar sucks, so they are unlikely to realize if we DID get a boat in position to take them out.