Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mandatory Spending?

Someone please explain to me why National Defense is "discretionary" and Social Security and Medicare are "mandatory"?  Since when did statutes enacted in violation of the limits of Congressional authority trump the actual Constitution itself? 

Isn't it time begin dismantling the socialist structure that these programs represent?


Old NFO said...

As soon as they looked at who can and who can't be active in politics... Military not allowed to be active/comment; seniors are old, grouchy, vindictive and VOCAL.

Bubblehead Les. said...

We'll see what happens this January in Congress. But I don't expect a 180 degree shift overnight. The Commies have had decades of rigging the System, and I'm sure there are tons of Leftie Judges out there whose only mission is to gum up the works. But if anyone in politics hasn't got the message after the election, well, they're next, no matter what Party they belong to.

Tam said...

I wouldn't go holding my breath.

Social Security will only go away when it actually runs out of money, not because anybody has the stones to dismantle it.

JB Miller said...

Social has no money. It's not like they have been putting aside the cash we have been putting in. It has all gone into the general fund.

I would have over a Million dollars if I have simply saved all that money. And my kids would inherit what I didn't spend.