Friday, April 16, 2010

RTFM, and the RULES

Yep. The consequences of failing to RTFM, and of violating the Four Rules, are usually injuries at the very least.

Funny thing, the Four Rules of Gun Handling work equally well for other things with triggers, too. Like gas-engined pressure washers.

I've read the manual. I noted where it said DO NOT CROSS THE STREAM, or something like that. Don't use it to take a shower, don't stick your xxxx into the blast. Really, I did.

The power washer is always loaded.

Don't point the power washer at anything you don't want to wash

Keep your finger off the trigger until you are aimed at your intended target

Be sure of your target, you are responsible for that water until it stops.

Violate more than two of these at once, and you will do some damage. The good news is that the skin will eventually grow back and the finger still works.

Plus, the "Hello Kitty" bandage is kinda cute. :)

RTFM. Obey the Four Rules. Word.



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