Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bargain Hunting

I like bargains. They are a great way to stretch your resources. They are especially nice when the things you need to buy are horribly expensive to begin auto parts.

A couple of years ago, MiddleChild (Happy Birthday!) backed the truck into the car that the kids use, a '97 Accord Sedan. Being that we bought the Honda well-used already and it already came with a few dings, I thought nothing of the dent in the trunk's trim panel.

Silly me.

MrsNewbius started taking a serious dislike to the dent once it started rusting a little. And, she was not quiet about it. It even made the "Honey-Do" list of things she WANTS DONE.

Soooooo.....I started looking for the part. New and unfinished, it is ~$229. Used, from an online parts recycler, $100 to $200 depending on condition and no guarantees on color.

Local shops and parts houses don't carry cars that old any more.


By chance, a local mom-and-pop shop directed me to a place nearby that doesn't really advertise. A "pick-your-part" junkyard back in the hills. The kind of place where the "roach coach" has a line, the dog has scars, and the forklift driver has a record. A long record.

So I head on up, not expecting much but willing to get dirty in an effort to save a buck or two.

Or two hundred.


They had the same year car. The exact model. The exact color. And the trim panel was nearly pristine.

Net cost, including the entry fee? $12.00

I love a bargain.




Lokidude said...

I love "pick and pull" places. I once got a pair of control arms from one, the dealer quoted me $77 each, junkyard sold em to me for $20/pair. Gotta love it. Congrats on the deal!

Old NFO said...

It's NICE when a plan comes together isn't it :-) Good on ya!

Wai said...

You should have bought the rest of the car. Now you know where to go when your Honda needs a replacement engine.

Weissy said...

My apologies for the dent.

Newbius said...

No apology necessary.

I've never made a big deal about the dent, right? Don't worry about it. As far as I know, you've never made that particular mistake again.

The car was purchased with the expressed purpose of being a car to learn in, and part of the learning process is "stuff happens". :)