Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Window Wars

There is a bit of a dust-up going on in the comments over at Sipsey Street. The contretemps revolves around the fact that a little activity has been advocated, Sons of Liberty style, towards the Democrat Party offices as protest for their unconstitutional and intolerable acts against the people.

I find it illuminating that most of those who are complaining on behalf of those poor, misunderstood, do-gooders in office are all doing so anonymously. These keyboard commandos are also making death threats against the blog owner. All in the course of peace, love, and understanding dontcha-know. The responses mostly fit the Liberal Stereotype of a Southerner and their solution to same, to wit: "let's kill all you cousin-humping, neanderthal, knuckle-dragging, rednecks so we can all live in peace and love and fellowship and tolerance once you are gone".

I guess they failed Irony 101.


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