Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Us versus Them

Liberty versus Statism, a difference in world views.

We just want them to leave us alone so we can live our lives peacefully.

They want to destroy us.

Our very existence as free-thinking individuals is anathema to them. Our lives stand in contrast to theirs in such stark relief that their only answer is our destruction. Their self-image will allow nothing less, lest cognitive dissonance drive them insane.

We would be wise to remember that when dealing with them.



Old NFO said...

Good point... GOOOD point!!!

Anonymous said...

...And now we understand the Chinese attitude toward interesting times.


Peddlers said...

And are you able to find a toothpaste that doesn't have Fluoride in it?

Newbius said...


Yep. I make my own from Baking Soda and bison piss, with a little pine tar to hold it together.

Peddlers said...

Feed me Mandrake,feed me! POE