Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Brady Campaign cannot handle debate, part 2


Since I had the temerity to offer an opposing opinion last night on the Brady Facebook Page, I was promptly removed from public view. I posted about it HERE, and received a response (quite civil, actually) pointing out my own commenting rules to me.

No issue there.

When I checked my site statistics, however, it became clear that the Brady Campaign not only cannot tolerate dissent but they want to begin the debate here. Excellent! How do I know this?

THIS is how I know.

Game on! Bring it if you can...



Albert A Rasch said...


How do you get that readout? I'm a bit of a computer clutz...

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Newbius said...


That screen shot is the output of "Sitemeter", with the visit detail selected. Sitemeter is free to install and use and allows tracking data of visits, including the referring page and the outclick, as well as the page views and dwell time on your site. Installation was a snap and I recommend it whole-heartedly.