Monday, April 13, 2009

Brady cannot handle a debate, much less the truth

For posterity. Posting this before the Brady Campaign's moderators delete the postings on their Facebook page. (Since they cannot tolerate civil discourse by thinking, not "feeling" individuals):

Denise said:
"It surprises me that we expect people to have training and a license to drive, say, a semi. But some people fight the idea that gun owners should be trained and licensed. That's what I'd like to see changed. Gun owners should show responsibility and knowledge to own a weapon."

My response to Denise: It just might be time to require training and licensing before allowing people to publicly express an opinion. I mean, we cannot have uninformed people spouting off about things that they have no expertise in, can we? The consequences of written words have proven very deadly over the centuries. Marx, Mao, and Hitler all wrote stuff that caused people to follow them, ultimately killing MILLIONS of people through the years.

We should put a stop to unauthorized, un-permitted, opinion making before someone gets hurt...

Did I miss something?

And...Michael said: "these posts should be recorded as an example of the pretzel logic used by gun owners." and also "more absurd comments from gun owners." in response to two or three very civil comments by pro-2A people.

My response:


We can call up DOJ statistics all day long to support our position that more gun control laws enacted does not equal less crime or safer streets. Requiring permits to exercise a right is silly.

Do we require church-goers to register their religious preference with the State?

Do we require journalists to register their word processors with the local City Hall?

Do we even bother issuing a criminal defendant a permit to remain silent?

No, these are Rights, established not by Men, and recognized by our Constitution as deriving from a higher source.

I am sorry that you choose to denigrate our attempts at reasoned discourse with epithets like "more absurd comments from gun owners" It really minimizes your effectiveness as a defender of your group's positions.

< sigh - RANT ON>

I think it is time to engage in a campaign to require all Leftist Feel-Good posters, bloggers, Facebook users, Twitter users, Texters, and the rest of the "feel-good, screw your rights" crowd to register their implements of mass distortion (pencils, pens, typewriters, phones, Blackberries, computers) with the government.

Before allowing them to use them publicly on their own, or for commenting in a public discourse, documentation must be shown that they have passed a training class, shown competence with sentence structure, and can complete entire thoughts in a logical manner before the devices are released back to them. Anybody who shows insufficient aptitude with the written word will be required to undergo additional training classes until such time as their effectiveness can be proven. All such classes shall be at the student's expense.

Additionally, all people wishing to publicly express an opinion as their own shall register with the appropriate level agency (City or Town Hall for local issues, State Agencies for state-wide opinion-making, and the Federal Communications Commission for anything being disseminated across State lines) and obtain a permit to speak.

If we can enforce training regimens on people who drive or fly (privileges), it should be OK to expect the same level of scrutiny on Speech (a Right). That makes perfect sense, doesn't it? I mean, after all, drivers kill many more people each year than guns do, and speech is the biggest killer of all (Millions and Millions...).

< /RANT >

Of course, the people like Denise and Michael will deserve everything that they have earned when THEIR rights get trampled by the State. Especially considering that they ardently support those who would disarm their potential defenders.




EDIT: copying this post to here, in case Brady gets their panties twisted and attempts to pursue a TOS violation against me.

""Brady "Moderators": From the outside it looks kind of silly to have non-sequitor responses by your supporters left up, when you have taken great pains to remove any evidence of dissent on your page. I contend that you have the right to do as you wish on your own page. But, refusing to even grant acknowledgement that we exist will not remove the fact that we do.


UPDATE: My first post lasted nine minutes before deletion. My second, seven minutes. My third was killed immediately upon submission (sorry, no copy), and my last one survived just over 43 seconds. I hope that someone is getting overtime to play censor, since censorship it truly is.



Anonymous said...

"Welcome to my sandbox. Sandbox rules:
1. Play nicely
2. Don't throw sand
3. Share your toys
4. Go inside to use the potty
Violators will not get to play in my sandbox any more. Currently, posts are unmoderated. This might change if the sandbox rules get broken too often."

Sounds alot like Brady Facebook rules to me.

Newbius said...

Ahh, the ubiquitous "Anonymous" replies...

Well, "Anon", the difference here is that I am perfectly willing to allow a debate on my position, so long as it remains polite and respectful. The Brady Facebook page does not allow dissent in any form, polite or otherwise.

In fact, the act of posting anything that is contrary to their positions automatically brands you a tool of the Gun Lobby, a slobbering psychopath, and a troll.

I am none of these.

Also unlike the Brady Facebook page, your post will stay up as long as it doesn't violate any of my posted rules.

If you think you can bring a logical argument to the debate, bring it on.

If you want to argue feelings, or equate privileges with rights and then use that as justification for attempting to remove my ability to defend myself, you won't be taken seriously here.

I am willing to listen to reasoned discourse. You might not be able to change my mind on what I think are God-given Rights, but I will at least listen to sane and rational arguments for your position.



Newbius said...

Follow up:

My "Anonymous" poster is posting from the belly of the beast, "Handgun Control, Inc." Washington, DC.

IP 65.242.56.x (last octet edited for privacy reasons). He may actually be getting paid to do work instead of argue with a lone Blogger with limited readership, or harrying poor citizens may actually BE his job.

Only time will tell...


W. Richards said...

Pretzel logic? Its pretty hard to believe our society is sane when we line in such a litigious society in where McDonalds gets sued for selling hot coffee at a drive-in, Dry cleaning clothing bags have to be marked with suffocation warnings.

What other silly examples can you think of that just defy common sense now a days? Pardon my french, but why is it everyone seems to have to become a Sh*t house lawyer just to exist anymore?

Tom said...

get some screen shots too. if you don't have a photoediting program there are a few free ones like gimp out there. Just hit "print screen" create a new gimp document and paste it in.