Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Brady "truth in advertising?"

I had to chuckle at their latest campaign slogan. Not because it doesn't state their current marketing attempt, mind you. No, I had to chuckle because it obviously was punctuated incorrectly.

You see, their slogan today is "No Background Checks, No Guns, No Excuses". Stated thus, it is obvious that their current campaign is an attempt to close the so-called "Gun-Show Loophole" by which private transfers of firearms occur.

No surprise there at all.

However, if you alter the punctuation slightly, you get an entirely different meaning. And, one that aligns more closely with their ultimate policy goal:

No Background Checks.
No Guns.
No Excuses.

Doesn't that ring a little more true?

(By the way, my most recent visit to their webpage revealed that this slogan is not to be found anywhere right now. It is probably an "ad rotation" thing, but maybe they are changing their approach yet again in an attempt to appear relevant.)




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