Friday, March 5, 2010

Pentagon shooter was a what?

According to Peter Grier (email) of the Christian Science Monitor, the Pentagon shooter, Bedell, was a right-wing extremist.

My response:

Sorry, Peter. You sang the words but got the tune wrong. In point of fact, 9/11 "Truthers" are Bush-hating leftists. This particular Bush-hating Leftist would fit right in with Rosie O'Donnell's friends as another anti-military loon who thinks that the CIA tumbled the Twin Towers as an excuse to make war on Iraq.

If you had taken the time to do ANY investigation on this, you would know this. Instead, you polish up the narrative from other left-wing liars like SPLC and present their information as factual truth. Tell me, what ever happened to journalistic integrity? Do they still teach that course in J-School? If so, were you awake during that segment?


In point of fact, both Joseph Stack and John Patrick Bedell were both sick, twisted people who had an axe to grind against certain aspects of Government, but could in no way be described as "Right-Wing Extremists". Since this doesn't fit the "Narrative", however, it will never be accurately reported. Just like the "Narrative" in the Media today is that people like me who oppose "The Won's" policies must be racist. The fact that I do not wish to live in a Marxist Utopia has nothing at all to do with the President's skin color, and EVERYTHING to do with his vision for the future of America.

But, since the people who control the reporting in the Press nowadays actually believe that the Marxist Vision is a good thing, those of us who dissent MUST oppose the policies because of racism. Makes perfect sense if you think about it. Racism doesn't call into question your core beliefs. It allows for the dissenter to be completely dismissed without ever having to consider the merits of his position.

Reporters like Peter Grier would be wise to unplug their ears and open their eyes to the reality of the situation on the ground in America today. Even if they don't like what they are hearing, it would behoove them to check out the facts for themselves. Or, if they insist on drinking the Government Kool-Aid, at least "Trust, but verify".




Lord Obsidian said...

Dude, it's just the CSM. I haven't read any other coverage that even tries to connect Bedell with political conservatives. Making him out to be some kind of lefty extremist is equally incorrect. Right now there's no established motive, and with the subject dead, we can't exactly ask him why he did this.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but this guy was just an asshole, and there's no political motivation required to become one.

CSM shouldn't have published that article, but CSM is a joke of a newspaper and everyone knows it.

Newbius said...

The New York Times is also singing the same tune. While I would personally classify the NYT as a joke, they are considered an acceptable source for news.

The less-shrill voices out there, upon digging more deeply, have discovered a person with a history of mental illness who bought into the conspiracy theories. The fact is that this doesn't fit the narrative and so it isn't getting much play in more mainstream journals.

Lord Obsidian said...

I checked the NYT and the story I read on their front page was that no motive had been established. There might have been a story I missed though. Do you have a link?

Newbius said...

Sorry, got my wires crossed.

The NYT threw a gratuitous slap at Virginia and our attempts to restore some of our Gun Freedoms, even though the shooter was from central California. They went from this paragraph:"Shortly after the shooting, officers with military-style weapons fitted with flashlights were seen patrolling the area around the Pentagon, apparently looking to ensure there were no other gunmen. The subway stop where the shooting took place is a major transfer point for people taking buses to various points in Virginia."

To THIS:"Virginia, which has some of the most lax gun laws in the nation and has been pushing to expand gun rights, has been criticized lately by gun control advocates. The state’s General Assembly approved a bill last month allowing people to carry concealed weapons in bars and restaurants that serve alcohol, and the House of Delegates voted to end a 17-year-old measure barring people from buying more than one handgun a month.

Nice of them to stay on point there about this guy...

Lord Obsidian said...

I agree, the Grey Lady seems like it believes that Virginia poses a security threat.

On the other hand, nothing in that quote was factually inaccurate, even if it wasn't portrayed in a positive light.

Ultimately, I agree that politicizing this story to criticize Virginia's gun laws is inappropriate, considering that nobody from Virginia has or is likely to be implicated in the crime.

Thanks for the info.

Old NFO said...

They don't want to Newb, it would upset their 'applecart' of beliefs...