Friday, March 5, 2010

Hoist, Part 2

Tinfoil hat alert!

Apparently, someone in the Senate doesn't like exposure. Either that, or they are looking to build a case about something.

Notice that this was a direct link entry, and not the result of a Google search.

Welcome to the party...




Rev. Paul said...

I caught the Senate Sgt-at-Arms checking my blog several times in one day ... the day I linked to an unflattering article about our new Democratic senator.

Some party.

Newbius said...

Rev. Paul,

I am getting more hits from there. Maybe it was something I said???


Tam said...

Any use of the internets at the Senate building through their .gov address shows up as "Sergeant Of Arms", whether it's Harry Reid or the janitor's kid using an Eee.

I happen to know that a couple of senator's staffers are gun nuts and read my blog. Maybe they read yours, too.

Perhaps you made a comment about a senator that people there thought was funny.

At any rate, I guarantee it's pretty mundane.

If you were being scrutinized, it wouldn't be showing up in your SiteMeter. The hits I see from Fort Meade are from the guys who think my blog is funny, not from the ones gathering intel.

Newbius said...

Tam, we ALL read your blog. ;)

Thanks for reading mine.