Sunday, January 8, 2012

No Candlelight Vigil here.

Sorry folks. I am not lighting candles for the "victims of gun violence", no matter how well-intentioned the PR campaign-for-relevance is. I have two "victims of gun violence" in my own family and at least one friend too, and I am not playing the game of "blame the tool, not the wielder". The Brady Campaign can suck it.

My son was not mugged by a gun. He was mugged by a mugger who used a gun. My friend was not robbed by a gun, he was robbed by a robber who armed himself with a gun. My uncle died from a gunshot wound, and the gun did not fire itself.

I carry a gun. Daily. Not because I have something to prove, because I don't. I carry a gun daily because it is the most effective tool for self defense that I own. My wife now owns one of her very own, too.

The Brady Campaign would tell you that my wife would be better off in an encounter with a mugger, rapist, or murderer if she just gave them whatever they wanted. Just lie back and think of England, or some-such rot. Nonsense. Why should we acquiesce to the predators in our society? Why should we allow our finest and fairest to be victimized, just so some milquetoast, namby-pamby, progressive policy wonks can feel better about themselves? Screw that. I am done playing their games.

In honor of those who have sacrificed everything, so that we can have our Liberty, here is a tribute. To our Fighting men and women of the military, and to those freedom fighters everywhere in the world striving to keep the flame of Liberty alive, I salute you. I stand ready to join you at the call.

Maybe my wife will even let me borrow her gun... :)




Newbius said...

FTC Note: Colt Combat Commander in Satin Stainless with Rosewood grips, from Virginia Arms. Talon holster, Black with burgundy blaze and sanded stingray insert by Dragon LeatherWorks. Candles by Crate and Barrel. All items purchased at retail, and you should own some too.

Keads said...

Indeed Sir! Well said!

Old NFO said...

Concur with all...

agirlandhergun said...

Excellent post! So, well said!

P.S. I missed you:)

John Venlet said...

Maybe my wife will even let me borrow her gun... :)

Maybe, that is, if you let her borrow, ahem, yours.

Good post, Newbius.