Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Want another gun

This time for dedicated training. Thinking about a 22/45. The Fun Store recommends a Buckmark (more $$). Opinions, anybody?


ZerCool said...

I looked at both and ended up with a 22/45 slabside, fixed sights. Should have spent the extra $25 to get the adjustables, but the gun has been rock-solid reliable.

Sean D Sorrentino said...

Get the Ruger. I like mine.

Farm.Dad said...

Watching the reliability and overall performance of Tams 22/45 sold me enough on them i ran out and got one . The son has a browning and though nice , no way would it run like that without any cleaning. Hers is the slabside/fixed Mine is the 5.5 adjustable since its what i could find when i wanted it NOW lol . I havent had time to shoot mine much yet. If you get the 22/45 mkIII catch me in #gbc i have the " needed mods" archived on pdf .

Guffaw in AZ said...

I agree with the cool kids. 22/45
Hands down.

Mr.B said...

I own both.

Both are fine firearms.

Both will run reliably without much maintenance.

The Ruger is easier to clean once you know how.

The Buckmark has the better trigger.

The RUger has more 1911 ergonomics.

While you really cannot go wrong with either one, I prefer the Ruger. But only slightly