Monday, November 7, 2011

OWS useful idiots

I have watched the news and 'net to find out what makes these occupiers tick. The organizers all seem like nice, highly-educated, idealistic progressives out to change the world as they perceive it. I find it interesting that the current crop of useful idiots (well-meaning, for sure) at #OWS_$CITY appear to have no concept of causality. Compounding this ignorance is their continued parroting of Marxist-socialist 'social justice' patter, and their repeated calls for a kumbaya moment when everybody lays down their guns and gives a group hug. Their willful blindness to the logical outcomes of their policies is stunning to watch. We have all of 20th Century history to refer to, yet their advocacy continues.

In the (relatively) safe environment of an encampment in a city park, surrounded by fellow travelers, they can propose anything they want. Their only risk is the opprobrium of the crowd, accompanied by the dreaded 'down-twinkles'. The real result of advocating State-monopoly on violence is going to be many millions more dead. Their cries of "I didn't know" will echo hollowly in the dead ears of their policy victims. Their good intentions lost in the reality of power vacuums and international power politics (follow the money...).

As a nation, we have raised entire generations with a welfare mentality deeply ingrained in them. To a recipient (corporate, elderly, minority, poor, crony, or otherwise) used to availing themselves of the Power of the State to exact something from others, it is a very small leap to extracting that wealth yourself. The difference is only a matter of degree. Watch for growing unrest on the near horizon as the #FSA* flexes their muscles.


*#FSA = Free S*** Army

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Bubblehead Les. said...

It's the people and groups behind and supporting these Useful Idiots that worry me. ACORN, SEIU, George Soros, the Teamsters, and others seemed to have seized the Street. Can you think of having a Tea Party Rally near where these Occupiers are holding up before they cross the Street and incite some Violence? Look what happened in Oakland, and that was with a Liberal Mayor and City Gooberment in Charge. Some in the Media claimed "it's our Kent State Moment!" as if that is something to be proud of.

We will see if they make it through the Winter, but I think next Summer is going to be Bad. And I shudder to think what might happen around the time of next years Presidential Election.