Sunday, July 3, 2011

July 4, 2011

This is the document that birthed our nation:

This is the document that defines the limits of our government:

This is how our elite media views this document today:
Does it still matter?


For if we believe that it does not, then we consign ourselves to a situation where the rule of law is no longer. We consign ourselves to the rule of men. In that fight, might makes right. The strong will overrun the weak. The nation will cease to be.

There are some who will posit that we are already at that place in our history. If this is the case, then we should take heed and review our past. We should reread the wisdom of the men who put quill and ink to parchment and who drafted the first document. We should reread the reasons why we fought to bring this nation into being. We should then compare those reasons to what is going on all around us, and what is being done in our name against our own people, in the name of governance.

Tick Tock, Tick Tock. What time is it, on Claire Wolfe's Clock?

Look around you. See what is hiding in plain sight. Prepare.

July 4, 1776 was the match being held to the powder-keg. We exploded into existence because the ideals of Freedom and Liberty could not be repressed forever. Yet, we have allowed those ideas to decay and wither. Stifled by the rot of Socialism, whose high and noble ideals smother the spirit and crush the spark of individuals under the jackboots of conformity and oppression.

Wake up. Then, awaken your neighbors and friends. Learn your history, then teach it. Time is short. We know what happened in 1776. What will July 4, 2011 bring?



Old NFO said...

Good post Newbius, I HOPE this Fourth of July brings an awaking of the 'silent majority'... and they look at what is happening to our country.

Chris said...

I hope a few will think about what happened this day in the past. We were at Ft. McHenry Saturday and the re-inactor was reading the list of grievances and declaration of war that resulted in the war of 1812. America was about to do it all over again. As he read the list I was surprised to hear so many things on it sounded exactly like things happening today in our government. When the cannon fired after he finished it was quite the exclamation mark on his statements and a moment of reflection for me to realize and remember how far we've let things go.

B said...

"awaken your neighbors"

You can't. Most of them care not for anything, as long as it isn't too bad for them at the very moment.

They just can't see that far into the future (or the past).

It is only when they get hungry or angry enough that they will begin to think. And by then, the window of opportunity might well have passed.....

Those of us who DO see, and might act are in the minority....and we are unorganized. The Tea Party was a start, but it fizzled.