Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hunter Safety

This coming weekend, I will be taking a Hunter Safety course at the local Rod and Gun club. I took this class as a teenager in California, but do not have my certificate. I need to brush up on a few things in any case, so I can have a safe hunt this fall. My goal is to harvest my first deer this coming season. If I can arrange things right, I might even be able to meet up with ZerCool for his hunt at the farm...(hint hint).

Anyway, this will complete the rite of passage that I began when I was (much) younger. Stay safe.



ZerCool said...

Consider yourself invited. :-)

JB Miller said...

If you need someone to show you how to field clean, skin, darw and quarter a deer, let me know.

Happy to come out.

Old NFO said...

Hunter safety is ALWAYS a good course, even for us old farts :-)

Glenn B said...

Good luck. I took the cpourse a few times in NY and at least once in california.