Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Presumptive nominees

Isn't it funny how the MSM polling seems to *always* result in some "generic republican" attaining 'front-runner' status before the real thinkers and voters in the party have even thought it through?

Mitt Romney? Jon Huntsman? Gary Johnson? Tim Pawlenty? Really???

Artificial, Centrist, Contrived, and Vanilla. Yet, those are the choices the MSM wants us to believe are electable. They don't want you to think. They want you to accept their conventional wisdom.

The two most exciting people in (or not yet in) the race are dismissed as crackpots and unelectable. The two most genuine 'candidates' out there so terrify the MSM that they are actively trying to minimize (Cain) or destroy (Palin) them before they gain enough traction with the People.

Forget the artfully edited sound bites designed to destroy these people. Remember that these people are a direct threat to the progressive machine and the enablers in the Media. The American Press has more in common with the USSR's Pravda, than Russia Today does now. In fact, I would propose that a fairer treatment of events and candidates in the American news would be found on RT than on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, or even Fox.

So, do you own research. Ignore the 'presumptive nominee' crap coming from biased push-polls. Go out and actually LISTEN to the candidates in their own words and in context. Then you might see that those people labeled 'unelectable' just might be better qualified to lead than the ones currently 'leading'.



Andy said...

Oh, I think Cain is doing a good job of minimizing himself. I don't understand the attraction some people have to him... and after hearing a couple of interviews with him, I'm doubly confused about that.

Newbius said...

Andy, I am sure that I would sound like a buffoon in front of Chris Wallace, too. I actually like the fact that he is not polished. So, things stick a little...I am ok with that. I believe that he is sincere, and I know he has business experience.

Will he get co-opted by the Establishment? Perhaps.

Cain's failures in understanding are radically different than the ideological/philosophical differences with our Founding that ObeyMe has. I believe he is teachable...something I am convinced will not happen with the current occupant.

Andy said...

Business experience, by itself, is not a good qualifier for a politician. After all, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates are good businessmen, but they have some pretty bad policy ideas... like supporting Obama.

I don't think we should have to educate our POTUS. It isn't a learn-on-the-job position. And Cain seems to have some very odd notions about the Second Amendment and the incorporation of rights in general.

Old NFO said...

ALL of them learn on the job... there IS no prerequisite course available. Cain, Bachman and Palin scare the hell out of the Dems/Left because they are capable of picking up the independents/disaffected... I'm hoping the Repubs don't just run the next old white guy simply because it's 'his' turn...

Ken said...

What interests me even more is that while Palin clearly strikes the greatest fear into the Pepsi wing of the PepsiCoke party, the candidate causing copious consternation in the Coke wing is Ron Paul. :-)