Thursday, June 23, 2011

Elections will not save us...

A quick follow-up post to clarify my statement below. As JayG points out here, nothing has really changed in the last hundred years or so.
I don't mean to argue with my good friend Newbius, but please. Elections won't save us? They haven't done a damn bit of good the past hundred or so years - why should now be any different? Our government is lying to us? This is different from the past two hundred plus years how? The only thing that has changed in the past two decades is that the information is not as tightly controlled - just because we're hearing about more now doesn't mean that more is happening now.

I say, "not true". The institutions that daily mold our opinions, thought processes, and candidate selection have all been corrupted and co-opted from within. The Liberal Communist Left has gradually assumed control of our institutions of higher learning (focusing on History, Sociology, and Education), the media (to control WHAT gets published), and our electoral process (to determine WHO gets put before us every two years).

For us to restore our Nation to the original vision, we need to take back (as Utah is doing) our political parties at the grassroots level, take back our school boards, take back our Media, and force out the cancer of Tenured Communist professors at Universities throughout our nation. While we were being mollified, pacified, indoctrinated, and told not to worry about local politics, our foundational institutions were taken over. The bastards went after our children, and we just complained instead of fighting.

How many of you know who is on your school board? How many of you know who the local movers and shakers are in your county political parties? How many of you attend the caucuses, straw polls, party meetings, school board meetings, et cetera? Most people don't even bother to attend their HOA meetings...

This stuff is IMPORTANT, people! If you are complaining about the quality of the candidates at the state and national levels, ask yourself HOW they got to be at that level in the first place. WHO put them there? Answer: the local party reps did. Do you want to have an impact? Take over the local party. Take over ALL of the local parties in your state. Don't think it will work? Ask Senator Bob Bennett (R-UT) how he likes retirement. It works, but YOU have to get involved.

As long as THEY (the cronies, the bought-and-paid-for stooges, the local elite, and the insiders) still control the local levers, then you will get candidates that only appeal to THEIR interests and not yours. Voting for more of the same will just continue to give you...more of the same. So change who gets to be on the ballot, before there is a ballot to vote on. It is how THEY do it. Until we Patriots re-engage in the political process, and get off of our asses and get involved (instead of whining about the quality of the people we get to choose from), then elections will not save us.

RIGHT NOW is when the local party offices are looking for participants. Show up. Make your voice heard. Change the process from within. To repeat my closing line from the previous essay:
"I will continue to work within the system until it fails. Then I will work to restore the system as it should have been."
I still need to clean the basement.




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Local is where everything starts! Good post Newbius!