Thursday, May 19, 2011

Oooh! Shiny!

Just a quick note. The Mrs. has basically decided upon a gun that fits her and that feels comfortable to her hand.

Since it is a lightweight compact 1911, the next question is: 9mm or .45? If I was buying for myself, I would go for .45. For her, will the recoil be much less in 9mm? It has been a long time since I shot 9mm.




Teke said...

I haven't shot a 1911 in 9mm but I find the recoil different between my 9 and my .45. The 9 is quicker and snappier while the .45 may be greater it is more of a push feeling and less of the high velocity snap.

If she has a way to try them do that and let her decide.

Keads said...

I have one of those on order in .45. What Teke said on the recoil and if possible try them both!

Bubblehead Les. said...

I'd go with the 9mm for economic reasons. With the price of ammo, she can get much more practice in with 9mm than .45ACP for the same dollar amount, and since only hits count in the real world....but I'm glad to hear she decided to climb aboard!

ZerCool said...

I'd be looking at the 9mm for myself. As Les mentioned, economics, but also for sheer controlability in a pocket rocket.

Dave said...

I like 9's because of size and cost but I'm sure she can handle either. It was great to meet you and the Mrs at the SAF blogger reception. I wish I had made it to the after party. Maybe next time..

Bradley said...

very very nice!

and ps
I Hate You!(love that gun, why i have a few of that size in 45acp)

If they work for Her half as well as they work for me, it will never let her down!