Monday, April 4, 2011

Saggy pants

Hey, SaggyPantsBoy! It might be your right to advertise your appreciation of jail-house fashion, but it is my right to point it out to you when you do. Get over it. Or, get stuffed. I don't particularly care.

The truth is, your mama should have kicked your ass the first time she saw you dressing that way. Your daddy should, too. I am going to keep pointing it out to you, while telling you to pull your pants up. If you have a problem with that, I have two words for you: "Bring it."

You are symptomatic of the decline and impending death of what once was a great nation. Your false self-esteem and hyped machismo are nothing more than vanity and sloth. Grow-the-****-up.



North said...


WV stagbar (Don't want to know)

Teke said...

I thought the original jail house meaning meant that you were willing to be the B!*@$

Newbius said...

Teke: Nice idea, and one I subscribed to initially, but Snopes debunks it. Although, it is fun to point that one out to the 'wanna-bees'... :)

Mike W. said...

I honestly don't understand how a pair of jeans sitting BELOW the middle of your ass cheeks stay up while doing day-to-day things, even with a belt.

That said, if shapely, bubblebutted women want to adopt the saggy pants trend I won't complain....