Tuesday, March 1, 2011

QOTD: Joe Huffman

Regarding Colin Goddard's credentials as an expert on college shootings:
"I’ll grant that he is an expert at getting shot. But I don’t think that takes a whole lot of practice or that his experience is something that we can use a guide for how to handle the situation he experienced."
That, right there, is Grade "A" Prime Quality WIN....

You tell 'em Joe!



Joe Huffman said...

Thank you!

Andy said...

Mark Walters of Armed American Radio once had the chance to ask Collin, on air, if he thought any of the dead from VA Tech would have wanted to have had a fighting chance. Collin could never answer the question.

Mike W. said...

Y'know, I have no problem with Colin making that choice, but he wants to force everyone else to hide and wait to be executed because that's what he did.

Fuck that. I am not sitting in a room on my knees waiting to be executed, and anyone who thinks I should can go get bent, including Mr. Goddard.