Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sanctuary State

Democrat lawmakers in Wisconsin and Indiana have fled their states in order to hide, hoping that their absence will prevent the democratic process from moving forward. Their departures will cause loss of quorum at their respective state houses, and will stop legislation from moving forward that harms their pets supporters financiers enforcers thugs constituents in the unions.

What state is giving these cowards and misfeasants sanctuary? Why, Illinois, of course.

This is my shocked face...

Obama told the Republicans in 2009, when pressed to compromise on spending and social issues, "I won". The clear meaning being that elections have consequences. I guess this only applies if it is the Democrats who won. If the Democrats lose, then they run over the state line to the nearest friendly location, and give their own state the finger instead.

This is not the first time that the Democrats have attempted to thwart the will of the people after losing an election. They did this very same thing a couple of years ago in Texas. Oklahoma being the Sanctuary state back then.

Perhaps it is time to send the state troopers out to arrest them for dereliction of duty or something. Lord knows, hanging is too good for them. Or, how about this? Have the remaining legislators amend the rules of order to consider a quorum as the requisite percentage of the legislators who actually showed up for duty. THEN, pass the people's business.

I have had enough of 'Milk-Carton Democrats' to last me a lifetime. They are cowards and thieves and whores, the whole lot of them. Get rid of them.


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tom said...

That is quite factual and I commend your enlightened thinking, keep up the good work. This world needs more like you. Good on you from an expat that lives in NZ.
Tom Smith