Monday, February 21, 2011

Public Employee Unions

I do not like them. I do not like the fact that they donate to (exclusively Democrat) politicians who promise to continue the forced extraction of the dues which feed them. I do not like that they are Marxist organizations trying to destroy our country.

I especially dislike the fact that public employees have guaranteed benefits and pensions which are generally better than private sector plans, and for which they pay little or nothing towards.

If you threaten their gravy train, then they strike, busing in thousands of fellow travelers and getting violent. The "Purple People Beater" moniker is applied to SEIU thugs for good reason. They, and their cohorts in AFSME and other public-employee unions, view you, the taxpayer, as a wage slave. If you fail to continue their pay, perks, and benefits in the manner that they have become accustomed to, they will riot and beat you. They are your masters. Just ask them.

Do you see this yet? Have you had enough yet?

Disband them. Disband them all. Let them try to market their 'skills' in the private sector like the rest of us. Survive, or die, bitches!



Spikessib said...

We're not all that bad. I am a public employee, yet I pay part of my insurance, pay into the retirement plan, and pay everything that goes into my 401K (they don't match if you're in the retirement plan too and it ends up to be about what most public corporations with benefits pay). Of course we were not allowed to unionize, good thing as I don't want to, and I live in a right to work state.
I, too, am appalled at what is happening in WI, etc, and am even more disgusted by the fact that the POTUS has sent goons to encourage it.

Newbius said...


I have very little animus towards public employees in general, and it is mostly directed at the specific ones who give the rest a bad reputation. I have had some great service at the DMV, and some lousy service at the county treasurer (when I was trying to pay them!). My specific complaint is directed at the UNIONS, who view the government as a never-ending cash cow that they bought and paid for; and at the politicians who promise to give them 'other people's money'.