Monday, January 31, 2011

Computer Bleg

I am seriously considering purchasing a Apple Macbook (Probably Pro 15") but am concerned about PDF support. Specifically, there will be times when I need to do large print jobs of mixed legal and letter-sized paper to a multi-tray printer. My concern is this: I have read reports online where the PDF support is less-than-satisfactory for Apple compared to PC, and that the ability to have a print job auto-select the correct paper tray from Mac is an issue.

My belief is that this is really a case of improper driver selection. I hope that this is the case. as the business usage is an important aspect to me.

Hey you Apple fanboys: care to weigh in on your real-world experience?



DaddyBear said...

I've never had a problem with either PDF readers or printing on my Macs. Like you said, just be sure you set up your printers properly.

Alan said...

I've never had trouble with printing either. Mac finds printer, prints.

No muss no fuss.

Lasers, color lasers, plotters, ink jets... I've printed on all of them from a mac with no issues.

Obsidian said...

Plenty of law students reading .pdfs on Macbook pros up here in MD. I have no firsthand experience, though.