Friday, January 28, 2011

Civil unrest in the Middle East

I have seen a lot of the 'what' about Tunisia and Egypt and elsewhere, but never the 'why'. Except for Denninger, nobody is reporting the things that these places have in common. Namely, they are ostensibly supported by the United States, have their currencies pegged to the Dollar, have Radical Islamists waiting in the wings to take over, and their peoples are starving.

These people are not rioting in order to get their Twitter and Facebook turned back on. They are rioting because the BILLIONS that we send over there in aid goes to line the pockets of the dictators in power, little people be-damned.

With our own manufacturing base devastated, it appears that the number one export from America nowadays is inflation.

Got preps?


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KurtP said...

Well the "won" did promise $7/gal gas...