Wednesday, December 8, 2010

When the time comes

In the (now becoming more likely) event of civil unrest due to massive Government fraud, intrusiveness, and overreach, the Government would have to disarm the people to prevent their attempt to return to the Founder's Republic.

Fact: The Pentagon 'war-games' this exact scenario.
Fact: Posse Comitatus would be thrown out the window as NORTHCOM cracks down.
Fact: The largest army in the world is still smaller than the number of deer hunters in the United States, all equipped with highly-accurate long-range sniper rifles capable of piercing body armor common hunting rifles.
Fact: The only thing that enables our government's abuses is our willingness to tolerate them.

Do I really need to itemize the scams that are being perpetrated upon the citizens under the banner of fairness and equality? Or, Reparations by another name (Pigford)? Or asset stripping by the Banksters, and enabled by Congress and the Federal Reserve?

When the time comes, are the citizens of the Republic prepared? If not, why not? What are YOU doing to prepare? Got Food, Clothing, Shelter, and the means to defend yourself against those who don't, but who want yours? If not, why not?

Time is short.



Anonymous said...

Yes, just imagine a half million or so "hit teams" roaming America hunting for communists/socialists/progressives and effecting justice upon them on behalf of the American people, their liberties and Constitution.

Frankly patriots should already be staking their targets out and learning their habits, favorite hangouts, travel routes, etc. etc. and preping their OpOrds so when the time comes it's just a matter of executing.

Newbius said...

@Anonymous: I appreciate the sentiment, but I have not advocated for offensive actions. While I can imagine "a half million or so "hit teams" roaming America hunting...", that is all it is right now.


At the moment, Patriots should be ensuring their continued survival, preparing their homes and local area for service disruption, and making sure they know whom to trust with their lives IF the SHTF. Because, you see, until and unless the SHTF (and possibly even then) defensive action is the only moral action to take. Giving you the benefit of the doubt that you are not some keyboard cowboy or agent provocateur, and allowing for enthusiastic sentiment, I will cautiously advise you that if your preparation plans include the actions that you are imagining, your best bet is to keep those plans to yourself.