Thursday, December 9, 2010

A small price for neglect

I have a generator. We purchased it after Hurricane Isabel left us without power for several days. We got to use it extensively for the aftermath of Hurricane Charley the following year.

My annual to-do list neglected to include running the generator every time change, and it looks like I will have to pay a small price for that neglect as it does not start now. I think that the last time I used it was more than a year ago. Saturday, it will go off to the local small-engine repair shop for cleaning, an oil change, and a tune up.

Having the ability to generate power is part of my disaster prep. Neglect is a horrible reason to be unprepared. I am fixing this ASAP, and looking for other holes in my preparations.

How are your preparations going?


Mr.B said...

sta-bil is your friend. Use it in all gass that might be stored even for a month or two.

For a genset, run it when you change the oil in your car, and then shut off the fuel from the tank and run the carb dry. Sta-Bil is cheap and it works.

Change the oil after each exteded usage (like more than 24 hours runtime).

Some things you don't want to skimp on.

ANother option is to switch to a diesel generator. They last longer and the fuel stores forever.

Newbius said...

Sta-Bil is being used in all of my gasoline cans and gas-powered tools. It only extends the life for so long though.

I make a point of cycling the gas cans through the car every 6 months, and never longer than a year from purchase. In this way, I have fresh gas in the cans. I did not drain the tank on the generator the last time I used it. Even though I had used Sta-Bil in the tank, and ran it dry after use, it still wouldn't start this time.

Good advice though. Thanks.

Old NFO said...

Changed out the BOB to winter setting... :-)