Sunday, December 19, 2010

Restaurant Recommendation

Texas de Brazil Churrascaria in Fairfax, VA (the website has music, turn your speakers down before clicking). This place has beautiful decor and a lively atmosphere. The food is amazing. This is not a place to go to if you are a vegetarian. (If God didn't want us to eat animals, he wouldn't have made them so tasty!)

The format is pretty simple...get seated, understand the explanation about your red/green chip in front of you, and try not to load up on the salad bar. One price covers all you can eat of salad and MEAT (~$50/per person); and drinks, dessert, tax, and gratuities are extra.

Place your drink order and go get a plate at the salad bar (try the Lobster Bisque!). Leave some room when you do because when you turn your chip from red to green, a swarm of young men with long spears full of roasted meats will descend upon you as if you haven't had a meal in weeks. :)

I flipped my chip over, and the guy with the perfectly-roasted leg of lamb shows up and carves a slice, followed in rapid succession by the bacon-wrapped filet mignon, the garlic-roasted top sirloin, the chicken parmesan, the pork parmesan, the brazilian sausage, the plain filet mignon (!!), and the flank steak. I had to turn my chip back to red because of all the attention.

Pace yourself here. As long as you can find room in your stomach for more food, it will be brought to you. Late in the meal, a skewer of perfectly-cooked lamb chops made the rounds, but I was too full-having just finished my (mumble) filet mignon. One of my table mates did get a lamb chop though, and her contented purring told me all I needed to know about it.

All of the meat is salt-crusted prior to spit-roasting to a perfect medium-rare. You can request no-salt, and can also request overcooking medium, medium-well or well-done. With the quantities you can eat here, the price for the meal is quite reasonable.

I highly recommend this restaurant. Maybe we can do a blogger dinner here in the spring? I will definitely be going back there again.




Old NFO said...

That would work :-) Gimme a couple of days notice to get good and hungry!

JB Miller said...

I have been there! I LOVE it. Great for serious meat eaters!

Breda said...

I couldn't eat $50 worth. :(