Saturday, December 18, 2010

Defensive Gun Use in Utah

Jay_G at MArooned has the link (DGC #111).

This story is a tragedy, but not for the reasons many are stating. The dead choirboy (sorry, some comments at the news article site are calling him a "good man") was arrested earlier in the day on Domestic Violence charges. Meaning, he was abusing the woman (not his wife) that he was shacking with. The police haul him off to jail, and he is slapped with a 'no-contact' order.

In the world of good intentions, said choirboy would realize the error of his ways and go get a motel room for the night, removing himself from the premises. Also in the world of good intentions, everybody kisses and makes up and life goes on normally.

In the real world, thugs who beat up on women tend to take offense at being told by said women to go away. Even more so when the law gets involved. Then they get a mite peeved at the restraining order. Add a little gray-bar time, and the likelihood is that the thug is going to return to the scene and finish the lesson he was trying to teach when he got arrested the first time.

The gun-banner (fantasy) mindset is that good intentions matter, that children (I think that means anyone under 26 nowadays) should not be able to access their parents guns (nor know how to use them), and that the police will protect people since they are the 'only ones' who should have force of arms. Additionally, chivalry dictates that the strong thugs will never prey on the weaker women, and that once things go to the courts that the issue is resolved.

This tragic case has reality coming home to destroy the liberal gun-banner fantasies in a very concrete way. No restraining order will keep a criminal abuser away from his intended victim, as the act of abusing the victim is already a crime. The police will not protect you. Children should be properly trained about guns in the home, and when appropriate, taught how to use them effectively. Guns should be accessible to those same 'children' so that they can be used defensively. And, finally, thugs generally don't listen to reason, and criminal thugs do not obey the law. They usually only understand force.

That a 17-year-old girl had to end this encounter with a gun speaks volumes about the situation. That she did so shows remarkable courage. The fact that she will have to live with this for the rest of her life is the real tragedy.

It is a terrible thing to have to take another's life, even in self-defense. Contrary to the media narrative (and Brady-VPC-Joyce spin), most gun owners recognize this. None of us are looking for a fight. But, to those who say that my 'stuff' is not worth my life I reply: "to the thug who wants to take it, it is". Therefore, I should be willing to meet that threat with a willingness to, and the ability to, return the same sentiment. In copper-jacketed lead, if required. God willing, I will never have to.



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