Friday, October 29, 2010

Feelings, and Love

At times our feelings seem like soap bubbles. Pretty and ever-changing, tossed 'bout on the currents of our thoughts. Fragile. Fleeting. Leaving behind nothing but memories of their beauty.

Other times, feelings are like a strong tempest. Angry, blowing about, but again, fleeting and sure to pass.

Love, however, is enduring, strong, secure. Love is like the Lone Cypress, with roots sunk deeply in the rocks, holding fast through the storms. Providing shelter, holding fast through time. Witness to the sunrises over a sleepy land, and sunsets over an ancient sea. The tableau before it changes constantly. The rocks weather. The mist blows through. Yet, this tree stands firm, no matter what the world presents to it.

Be like the tree in your relationships...



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Jay G said...

This is beautiful, my wise friend. Thank you.