Saturday, April 11, 2009

Posting scarcity

Sorry readers. I have some pressing issues in real life that are distracting me.

I am working on two things though:

The first is a speculative essay on how many deaths were CAUSED by gun control, gun registration, and civilian disarmament in the 20th Century. I say caused, because the people advocating these very policies always blame the tool, not the tool's wielder. Well, two can play at that game. The results of gun control policy are that citizens are open to predation by criminals of all stripes. To my mind, this is the root cause of these deaths.

The numbers are staggering...

The second is an essay contrasting and comparing the antagonists in today's Government with their analogs in Atlas Shrugged. This latter will take quite some time, but I hope to have it up in a week or two. If you haven't read the book, grab a copy before your local book store runs out again. It is no accident that the story is still relevant today. Evil was present in the halls of government back in the Fifties. Evil's spawn are in control of government now.

Lord save us from the unintended consequences of the do-gooders!

In the meantime, I am reading the currently-available chapters of Absolved by Mike Vanderboegh. I suggest you read it if you have not done so already. An interesting book for interesting times...




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