Thursday, March 26, 2009

Two victories in Illinois, one cry for help:

Don has news about the victory of Illinois bill HB48's failure to pass, and also about the victory of C.K. Morley. Check it out.

While you are there, PLEASE consider sending some money over to Mr. Morley's attorney to help defray the cost of the defense. I sent what I could.

Every victory of a citizen against a wrongful prosecution is a victory for all citizens. Unfortunately, while our system proclaims innocence until guilt is proven, the cost to defend is a very real punishment. Being arrested and charged with a crime, even when falsely accused by the state due to ignorance of their own laws, is a personal tragedy. The economic and personal hardship that these accusations cause are very real and very painful, even when vindicated.

We need to support these efforts wherever possible.



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