Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Miami Burger King Shooting

Breaking news from Miami today. A legally-armed customer at a Burger King prevents a robbery, kills the bad guy and sustains some wounds himself in the exchange of gunfire.

Lesson One: It pays to train. If you carry it, TRAIN WITH IT! The CWP Holder killed the thug, but sustained gunshot wounds himself. I suspect that (and cannot prove, hence I am speculating) the armed citizen was a bit more proficient with his weapon than the robber was.

Lesson Two: See lesson one, add additional training in close quarters combat to reduce the chance that you will wind up in the hospital too.

Lesson Three: ALWAYS be at least Condition Yellow when going about your daily business. You never know when or if you may be called upon to intervene for your own safety.

Lesson Four: Leave it to Google News and CBS to describe the would-be Robber as a victim. This link is to the CBS4 story page, but is shown on the Google News Search page as "Victim Dies In Miami Burger King Shooting". Media Bias is still alive and well...even in Florida.

The two newspaper links on the same search page showed just the facts. Just as it should be.



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Newbius said...

I note with some satisfaction that the header on the above link is now entitled "Man Recovering After Being Shot During BK Robbery".

I do not know if this is because CBS updated the link, or if it is because someone at Google is still sane.