Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Part Two...

It didn't take long for the ghouls to pounce on this, sadly..

As I stated in my Blog on Monday, the Gun Control Advocates use any tragedy as an excuse to attempt to advance their agenda. Unfortunately, another opportunity to do so made the headlines in Alabama.

The Brady Campaign issued a press release today, as did the Violence Policy Center about the Alabama shooting, calling for re-instatement of the "Assault Weapons" ban. The same VPC press release is duplicated at the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence and duplicated as well at the Freedom States Alliance, and the Legal Community Against Violence.

Had the shooter used a handgun instead, there would be similar calls from these same groups clamoring for the banning of handguns instead.

The only statement that I agree with in these organization's press releases is this one: "Our sympathies go to all those affected by this terrible tragedy."

Except that I actually mean it.

God bless the families in Alabama who are affected by this tragedy. My prayers go out to you. May you find comfort and peace in the knowledge that your loved ones will always be with you in your heart, even though they are no longer with us on Earth. I pray that your friends and family hold you close in this hour of your need, and that the community pulls together to support you and help you through this terrible time.



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