Monday, March 9, 2009

Martyrs Wanted...

Martyrs wanted*:

International organization desires young men with no family attachments who are willing to die for the advancement of the cause. Must be willing and able to kill innocent people, especially women and children, in a public environment.

Position assumes a very high likelihood of personal incarceration, injury, or death.

Applicants may submit qualifications by mail or in person at:


If this advertisement were to appear in a local paper or online message board, then people would assume that the organization in question was a Jihadist organization. The people reading this advertisement would be horrified, yet Jihadist organizations recruit people every day to do exactly what this ad suggests. The Jihadists are at least HONEST in their approach to murder and mayhem. They are HONEST in their goals, and state them openly-"Death to all infidels: Convert or die".

If your reaction to the above ad was revulsion, then good. You are still human.

Now, think about organizations which use the public killing of innocent men, women and children to advance their goals.

No, not Jihadists.

Gun control advocates.

If I told you that the above advertisement was instead placed by The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, or the Violence Policy Center, or The Children's Defense Fund, or the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, or the Joyce Foundation, would your reaction be any different?

Would the killing of innocent lives be pounced upon by any of these groups in order to buttress their arguments against the private ownership of firearms?

You bet it would.

The groups who capitalize on the murdering of innocents using firearms must be salivating at the prospect of the next group of deaths, in order that they may advance their cause a little bit more. In my opinion, these groups are worse than radical Jihadists. They are worse because they pounce upon any tragedy to advance their agenda, yet don't have the courage of their convictions to openly state their goal of total civilian disarmament.

Think about that the next time you denounce a Jihadist, yet fall into lock-step with someone advocating the abrogation of one of YOUR civil rights.




*This advertisement is completely fictional and is placed here to prove a point. I have no evidence to support that any advocacy group is actively seeking people to kill innocent school children. I do have evidence that they use these killings, when they do occur, to advance their policy agendas. Deal with it.


Newbius said...

In case there is any confusion about the last sentence: "Think about that the next time you denounce a Jihadist, yet fall into lock-step with someone advocating the abrogation of one of YOUR civil rights."

This is targeted right at the core of the people who publicly denounce the evils of "Radical Fundamentalism" (including, or should I say ESPECIALLY, Christianity), who speak righteously about their First Amendment rights, and yet are so willing to throw the defenders of the Second Amendment under the nearest bus.

Those "social progressives" who support the Brady Bunch and their ilk.



Anonymous said...

Interesting point. I read somewhere that Hamas actually has a form for applying.