Monday, September 22, 2008

What if...

Quick question: If all of the really productive (high-wage-earning) people in the United States decided that they would rather work for minimum wage instead, sold their property, and stopped providing for anybody but themselves and their family, what would the politicians do?

What if the achievers in our society made the decision to stop carrying the weight of bad policy on their shoulders?

What if everybody decided that their own selfish interests were more important than the "greater good"?

What if...?

Since when did allowing me to keep 50% of what I earned become "patriotic"?

What if I want to keep it all? I mean, after all, didn't I earn it? If my productivity is now the right of Government to take at will, then I am no longer free but am merely a slave. I do not think that being only half a slave is any better. Government policymakers have decided that it is in THEIR best interests to keep me half enslaved and fully yoked to the engine of my own destruction.

What if I chose not to play any more? What if you did too? What if we all allowed it to collapse of its own weight and let the chips fall where they must?

Bad policy decisions made by unelected policymakers and then rubber-stamped by bought and paid-for congresspeople do not make me more obligated to provide for other people's mistakes. Unless I choose to accept the burden.

Our system of economics is supposed to be capitalistic in nature. Profits AND losses. Rewards AND risks. Winners AND losers. Ups AND downs. Creation AND destruction. No longer. Now it is just Master AND slave. The Master is government and their hand-picked friends with influence living on YOUR labor. You are the slave. Get used to it, unless you are willing to change it.

Call your representatives in Congress and make a difference.

Make time to read The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand.

Take control of your future.



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