Monday, September 29, 2008

More on flour...

The new stuff sucks.

No flavor.

I mean, the bag had more flavor.


The texture is OK, but this stuff tastes antiseptic. The yeast isn't as vigorous in the ferment. The rises are flatter in the proofing. The flavor is bland and uninteresting. And, the the crust has a greenish-brown tinge to it from all of the the artificial enrichments, bromates, vitamins, etc., that are added at the mill to cover what was lost to processing.

In short - it sucks.

Time to do another search on sources of flour in bulk. I may have to break down and order directly from a mill that stone grinds. I am not sure the budget will handle the costs, but it may be the only choice.

Making bread that is crappy and tasteless is a lot more pointless than buying it at the store. I mean, at least if you buy crappy bread, you haven't invested 6 or 8 hours in its creation. :(

On the bright side, the pizza dough recipe from below doesn't come out as bad as the bread does. Probably because the toppings mask the flavor and the texture is still passable. I am going to use the rest of this flour making pizza and start a new chef from scratch once I get new flour. The existing chef is now "All Trumps" and I need to purge the bread-making process of this crap.

Oh well, live and learn.



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