Friday, January 27, 2012

QOTD-Don Challis

Don Challis, chief of police at the College of William and Mary, traveled to Richmond Wednesday to express his opposition to a proposed bill prohibiting colleges from banning weapons on campus. Challis said he doubted that in a Virginia Tech sort of emergency, “a person who rarely, if ever, shoots a weapon is going to be any kind of positive factor.” (Source: WaPo)

You mean, like the Campus Police officers on the scene? Or, maybe, the Blacksburg Police Department? Or, maybe, the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office?

If these departments are anything like the average department in the nation, the officers might shoot 100-200 rounds per year during annual re-qualification.

200 rounds.

My friends would call that a good warm-up at the range. Every one of my friends who has a carry permit practices regularly, and expends several hundred rounds per session.

I know a few LEO's, too. They don't practice often. Mostly, their gun is part of their uniform. A symbol of authority. The answer of last resort.

Final thought, Chief Challis: When seconds count, how many minutes away are you? Would you rather have unarmed people facing an active shooter, or would you rather that the shooter was rendered inactive before you had a tragedy on your hands?

Based on your response above, it sounds like you would rather have an active shooter. It would give you a chance to get your face on TV after all. Might help your law enforcement career, too. Make sure that they spell your name right.


Bubblehead Les. said...

After attending the University of Akron for several years, I find the whole "Guns on Campus" issue to be a Deadly Joke. I had a discussion with one of the Campus Police a few years back about this issue. He told me that, if a CHP Holder was walking down one of several of the Public Streets that bisected the Campus, there was absolutely Nothing he could do about it, because he was on the Sidewalk. But if he moved one foot onto the School's Grass, he could be arrested and charged.

I then asked what would they do to prevent someone from bringing a Concealed Firearm into a Classroom Building. He told me that there wasn't much they could do until the Gun came out and someone called it in. After all, there's no "Security Check Points" to 99% of the Entrances. Then they would go into Lockdown, sound the Alarm, put up a Perimeter and Wait for the SWAT Team to arrive. I told him that sounds like a lot of people could get killed while you guys waited for Back Up. He said, "I agree, but the Administration thinks that they can TALK the Shooter out of Shooting people." When I said that he's ALREADY Shooting, he just gave me a look and said "Take it up with the Admin. I don't like it any more than you do."

Stupid and Deadly Laws.

Old NFO said...

And it'd get him more funding for nicky neat toys that the officers would never be allowed to train on/get proficient or actually use...