Saturday, January 14, 2012

Piling on

It seems that Mr. Paul Helinski, of (no link), has stepped in it. Badly. On top of being an elitist moron who doesn't understand grass roots, he doubled down on the stupid by basically trashing those of us who do Second Amendment blogging as a hobby. "Hobby" means we do it for fun and are likely passionate about it.

We may not have retail sites. We may not have T&E pipelines that we fellated someone to fill. But, we have passion for what we do, and we have friends.

I have used to purchase a lower for my rifle build. It was painless, and the transfer to my local FFL was easily accomplished. But, it was no easier than to use. And, GunBroker isn't trying to piss me off with aspersions cast in my general direction due to my low readership.

So, Mr. Helinski, allow me to bid your company adieu. You are no better than your competition, and I can choose whom I wish to associate with. Sadly, you are no longer a part of that group.

Warmest regards,


(H/T to Jennifer, Sean, SayUncle, Alan, Thirdpower, Linoge, DirtCrashr, WizardPC, Tam, Carteach0, and ZerCool for pointing out the douche-baggery. It is a shame that nobody reads you guys...)


Borepatch said...

I'm just an Internet ankle biter, so I don't think he's want my business. Even now that I can buy his stuff.

You know, just being around this Vortex of Stupid, I can feel my IQ being pulled towards his Black Hole of Stupid. I guess I better ignore anything from him in future to keep by IQ at its current level ...

Bubblehead Les. said...

So it looks like he's trying to take over Farragut's Lead in the "Let's P.O. off the Gun Blooging Public" Race.

I do expect some of the "No-Name Bloggers" to give him a Ration on the Floor of the Shot Show.

Never bought anything from him, and it looks like I never will.