Monday, December 19, 2011

Range after-action

This morning I took advantage of the beautiful weather and empty calendar to go to the range. I had invited another local blogger, "A Girl and Her Gun", to come shoot the XDm-45 (since she had expressed an interest in the 5.25" Competition model), and met up with her right as the range opened.

Once into our lane, I explained the manual of arms, stapled up a paper plate, handed her 5 magazines, and turned her loose. She is a very good shot.

I encouraged her to run a lot of rounds through the gun (I had brought over 600) to get comfortable with it, and kept the magazines reloaded while she shot. She did not disappoint. Strong hand, weak hand, one-handed, no matter. Target after target, everything was center mass. Her instructors should be proud.

Grins all around. It was a very fun time. All in all, It was a good morning. I hope yours went as well.




agirlandhergun said...

Good morning!

Did you say the 1911 was SAO? I meant to ask you about this yesterday, but it was loud in the range and I forgot once we left.

I thought single action meant I had to manual cock the gun.

I have read so much on this and I think I get it and then I don't. I am not sure why I have such a tough time with this concept.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Glad she had a good time! Funny thing is, and I have no idea why, but 90% of the New Female shooters I've met and talked with over the last couple of years (starting with my Wife) really seem to like shooting the Xds.

Granted, 6-7 is not a Large Statistical Universe, but it keeps jumping out at me. I wonder what Magical Factor is at play. The Grip Angle? The Recoil? I really don't know, but it seems to keep happening.

Sigh! I wish I could talk to Rob Leatham for 5 minutes.

Newbius said...

Yes, the 1911 is SAO. If the hammer is not cocked, then nothing will happen when you pull the trigger. Normally this happens as part of the firing cycle, and also happens when you rack the slide while loading it.

Les, my guess is that the width of the grip, along with the curvature, makes the perceived recoil feel less. It is not as blocky as some guns are, even though it is just as wide. My wife is pretty good with the XDm, although the 1911 is *slightly* more comfortable for her to shoot. Go figure...

Jay G said...


Single action revolvers require that you cock the hammer manually for each shot. Singe action semi-automatic pistols mean that you have to cock the hammer manually for the *first* shot.

Good job all around Newb and agirlandhergun!