Monday, May 23, 2011

Pizza recipe is changing

I have been playing with the recipes for a couple of reasons. I want to make the dough lighter, and also want to make it easier to produce consistently. To that end, I have removed the olive oil from the dough recipe. I have also gone to a wetter dough, using a cold-rise technique with a longer fermentation (3-5 days).

The results have been very positive, as has the feedback from my guinea pigs guests. This is another whole level above what I have been doing before and the taste and texture are really shining now.

I am still tweaking, but here are a few tidbits: Radically cut down on the sugar. Eliminated the olive oil. Hydration >65% (it is a sticky dough that must be handled with gloves). Divided by weight and then refrigerated for minimum of 3 days at 34F.

Once I have finalized the weights of the crust by pizza diameter, I will post them here.

I know this is kind of a tease...but I might be going commercial with this and want to keep some things close to the vest. If you have the savvy to figure things out from what I have posted, then you really don't need me anyway. :D Good Luck!


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Mr.B said...

For a lighter crust, try using a bit of lard. Yeah, I know. But it makes the crust lighter.